By Jason Ballamy 
Part thirteen - Finishing touches
M4. C4n

The piston rings were turned from a length of 50mm CI bar and then parted off with a few spares.

I knew there was a reason these scribers had a bent end!
The oiler was fairly straight forward, once you have made one they are all very similar.
The grease pots for the crank and big end are just brass turnings, the straight "knurl" was done using two turns of the rotary table handwheel to get 45 divisions and cut with a spotting drill in a similar way to using an engraving cutter.
The silencer (muffler) is supplied as two bronze castings, the inside face is turned while holding by the spigot and at the same time a small recess squared up on the inside.
You can then expand the chuck jaws into this to hold it while turning the outside.
And the two halves turned.
This is what it looks like with all the bits put together.
At this stage I would normally test run an engine but as there was quite a lot of filler (Bondo) work needed I decided to paint it first and avoid having any oil soak into the iron that may affect the paint. So slap on a load of Upol.
Allow to cure and then sand it down.
Then blow on some high build primer, sand refill, sand and touch up primer.
Fiat "Red Orange" seemed a good match to the Galloway colours.
Followed by some yellow lining and clear coat.
Then clean off the masking and overspray.