By Jason Ballamy 
Part sixteen - Conclusion
M4. C4n

The rear bolster/axle is just a combination of the two parts described last time.

The two side rails were cut down from 30x30x3mm steel angle in three stages sliding the angle along and cutting about 7" in each setting.
And a quick test assembly of the main components.
Finally, a handle:
The fuel tank was soldered up from copper tube and plate with a couple of brass fittings.

A wooden box holds the sealed 6V battery and the Minimag LT coil.

I made some gib head keys from 1/4x3/16 keysteel and fitted them nice and snug to the slots. I like to do it with the key still on the end of the bar as it gives you a bit more to get hold of while you are getting the correct fit then cut of and form the head once its right.

The last job was to make up some pipe and fittings to get the fuel from the tank to the carb.

And a few shots of it all complete: