Part 14 By Vince Cutajar

I used the template I had made and a homemade transfer punch  to mark out the four holes in the base of the cylinder.

Drilled the holes I had marked in the cylinder base. I used a cone shaped wobbler to locate the marks.
I needed to drill and tap four 4mm holes in the cylinder platform. The plan was to use a transfer punch to mark the holes with the cylinder in place. Unfortunately, due to the shape and geometry of the fins I could not use the usual transfer punch. So I made a very short version. Marked the holes  and drilled and tapped 4mm. Next I will make the 4mm studs.
Made the studs out of 4mm threaded rod. Spent a lot of time playing around with the studs to get them at the correct length.

Next photos  show the cylinder platform with the studs and the cylinder in place with one spring washer and nut to one of the studs.

Drilled the two oil holes for the two camshaft bushes.

Squared the vice on the mill table and tilted it 45 deg as per plans. Did the timing cover bush first and it came out well. Next I did the crankcase hole which starts from the pocket for the cylinder liner and should end up nearly at the edge of the bush. I was already having second thoughts if the hole was going to exit where it should, but I drilled it (1.5mm). Well it ended up exactly at the edge of the bush. Not exactly where I wanted it. So I drilled another hole starting from the original one but this time used 30 deg tilt. Ended up in the bush nearly where I wanted it. So this bush will have two oil supplies.

Next job was honing the cylinders. At first I thought I would do it on the lathe but as I am a lazy person that meant changing the belts to slow it down. So I used the mill and held the cylinder in the vice under the spindle. But I was making a mess, so I removed the vice and handheld the cylinder. In the photo of the setup I used the bottom of a plastic water bottle and filled it with kerosene. I used a small plastic container to pour kerosene from the top of the liner during the honing operation. I was aiming for an ID of 25.4mm and got it at 25.403mm  which is close enough. As it is the piston OD will be fitted to the cylinder.
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