Part 21 By Vince Cutajar

Next I broached the timing gear that sits next to the cams.

Only thing that remained then were the pushrods and the main engine was complete.

The ignition cam started from a piece of 0.5" round stock that came with the kit, turned the cam blank and drilled and reamed it 5mm.
I then clamped it eccentrically in the 4 jaw chuck and turned the cam.
I then drilled and tapped 3mm for the grub screw and then parted off the cam.
Started work on the ingition bracket casting.
Faced off the backside
and then the front side. Also drilled and reamed the hole which will fit on the timing cover camshaft bush.
Slit the hole
and drilled and tapped for the 3mm screw that will tighten the bracket on the camshaft bush. Photo shows the bracket on the camshaft bush.
Drilled and tapped 4mm the bracket for the other contact point.
Cut a piece from a long 4mm brass screw I had and silver soldered it to the contact point.
I used an old drill chuck to hold the brass thread and the contact point on a piece of brass. I used a 1.2mm tip in the torch for the soldering.

As the contact point was about 5mm diameter I put the brass thread with the newly soldered contact point in the lathe and using a green grinding wheel in the Dremel, I ground down the contact point.

The brass thread and contact point were immersed in a little white vinegar to clean.

Did the pivot screw for the contact point arm. Simple turning and tapping operation. To cut the groove in the screw head I used a 1mm end mill.

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