Part two by Franco Pucci

The front wheels continued...

Front axle machining - this is one of the mild steel parts which I will change to stainless at some time in the future. Very straight forward piece of machining.

Machining the angled faces. Note the spacers under the right side to get the required angle.

Front axle and wheel hubs assembled, prior to fitting the spokes to the front rims. Most machined parts were finished with 250 grit wet and dry paper where polishing was not required.

Assembled front wheels and axle, showing the front axle fork. Wheels balanced nicely on the axle, the next thing was to balance the wheels by adjusting the spoke bends. Most of the adjustment was already done by ensuring that the bends in the spokes were consistently done to all the spokes, and that the assembly was performed on a wheel jig to get the centre hub central to the wheel. More about this later. Runoff was found to be less than 1mm after adjustment - not sure how this compares with any standards for building these models.

The perch. Stainless steel with bronze bushing - all silver soldered in place and prior to polishing.

Assembled front wheel section - ready for the smoke box shell. The perch mounting plate was heat softened and bent around the boiler tube to give a nice fit.

The front fork - machined from a single piece of stainless bar stock.

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