Part three by Franco Pucci

The front end and chimney

Chimney machining - I know, its hanging out too much with no tail support, but the bore in my lathe was just too small, so I had to improvise! I machined the top and bottom first to dimension, then really slowly and patiently drilled the chimney bore. I left quite a bit in the bottom section going into the chuck to give me some extra support.
Not the correct way to do this I'm sure, but again, with very small cuts (as you can see by the chip size) the boring tool did the job just fine.
Yay - some tailstock support for the taper cut!

The machined chimney before fitting the base support and top brass thingy.
Chimney base and cap were press fitted (light press fit for the cap).
Making a start on the chimney saddle.
The saddle was mostly silver soldered together, except for the steam inlet which was soft soldered.
Silver soldered assembly
Final part before sanding.
And then a rest…

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