Part nine by Franco Pucci

The Boiler - part 6

Wrapper soldered onto the boiler. Note the rivets holding it in place before soldering.
The soldering on the firebox.
The tubes soldered into the firebox.
Inside view of the tube soldering (I corrected the top left section where there was less than adequate solder fillet).
View of the wrapper soldering onto the boiler tube. This was the most difficult to keep lined up so that I would land up with a horizontal looking boiler. Fire box foundation ring not yet soldered in place.
View showing the feed pump mounting plate soldered in place.
The boiler end plate assembly soldered.
All the soldering completed on the boiler assembly.

Another view.
Drilling and tapping the boiler stay holes.

The stays were manufactured from bronze - the brass nuts on the outside. This picture shows various attempts at making stays that worked for me. Finally, I chose the ‘bolts’ with no slot. Sorry - I did not show the boiler assembly in this part - but I thought I should show some of the soldering results.

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