Stephen Wessel



Stephen Wessel’s latest aero engine is close to completion, ready for sparking plugs and water pipes. It is a half size model of a very early Anglo/French engine dating back to 1910 by ENV. It is a V8 with separate cylinders, each jacketed in thin copper laid down by an electroforming process. It has one of the very first Zenith carbs and a very early Bosch magneto, which in the case of the model contains a modern electronic ignition set-up. The original engines were rated at 60HP and used by several pioneer pilots such as 'Tom' Sopwith, who said he became quite fond of it.

Stephen explains: “I propose to use a waterless coolant to avoid electrolytic corrosion. The flywheel was quite prototypical for engines that drove two propellers via chains (the flywheel seen above is temporary).

“I shall give it just one in place of the flywheel once all carburettor adjustments are done and the 'pilot' can retreat to a moderately safe distance!”

Rear end showing Bosch magneto, water pump and distributor.

View showing carbutettor in the centre of the V.

Test rig.

Petrol tank.

Running arrangement showing petrol tank above, radiators below, and water expansion bottle on the left.