Bob Fawcett


The Fowler BB1 ploughing engine makes up into a popular, if complex, model in many sizes. Favourite for many is the 1:6 scale model, described in the 1960s by John Haining and Colin Tyler. 

This example shown at the Midlands exhibition in 2018 by Bob Fawcett is, however, designed from measurements and photographs taken by Bob, who was given unlimited access to full size engine no 15335. Bob also produced his own castings patterns. It was built over 21 years.

This is the left hand engine of a pair and worked up the right hand side of the field, the plough being pulled backwards and forwards between the other engine on the left band side of the field. It. is fitted with two-speed ploughing gear as it was preferable to pull a plough at 4 mph but a cultivator at 6 mph. Very few BB1 engines were fitted with a water pump but these were common on the larger ploughing engines. BB1s often relied on only one injector, but a second was available as an optional extra.

The fulI size engine was built in January 1919 and weighed 18 ton. II cwt. It carried 8 cwt of coal, 205 gallons of water and was fitted with 800 yards of ploughing cable.